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Oriental carpet and rug cleaning

Free Survey and Consultation
It is important to recognise that a rug is not just a hand knotted piece of fabric and wool made in a foreign country but in some cases it can represent a piece of personal and cultural history to the present owner. To this end Castle Guard Cleaning Services treat rugs with great care. All rugs have a detailed survey carried out on them consisting of discreet tests for colour fastness and shrinkage and the composition and density of stains are identified only then will a firm quotation be given.

Rug Cleaning
Castle Guard Cleaning Services will always remove the rug from you home and carry out the cleaning under controlled conditions in our workshops.

A rug is in our posession for two weeks, this is because all rugs go into a specially designed drying cabinet between each of the three stages of cleaning the body and the fringes.

Only when we are satisfied witht the result achieved will the rug be returned. Castle Guard Cleaning Services take the greatest of care with your valuable rug and you are fully indemnified against the unlikely event of any damage to the rug whilst it is in our posession.

  Rug cleaning by Castle Guard Cleaning Services
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